Radius Arm Repair Kit Rear 1964 to 2000

  • $43.95

This is a complete rear radius arm repair kit that is uprated for longer suspension life. The original radius arm pins where made from a very soft EN8 Steel that has very poor wear characteristics which cause premature wear to the pin and makes the rear suspension very sloppy. These competition grade pins made from EN36 steel with be the last set of pins you will need to install on your Mini. The kit includes: One update EN36 Steel Radius Pin, One ATJ4098 (13H442) Roller Bearing (Inner), One 2A7325 Bushing (Outer), One 21A396 Lubricating Nylon Tube, One 2A7324 Outer Thrust Washer, One ACA9302 Inner Thrust Washer, Two 2A7327 Rubber Sealing Ring, Two - LW2208 Metal Washer, Two FN2508 Nuts, One UHN400 Grease Nipple. Also it must be noted that after installed the 2A7325 bushings they will need to be reamed to size for a perfect fit.

Cross Reference GSV1125 115-052 QSK153, QSK153S

Please note that this kit can be used on Earlier cars made before 1964 will need to purchase two extra 2A7325 bushings since these earlier cars did not use roller bearings.