Microlon Ultra Blue Pro Kit

Microlon Ultra Blue Pro Kit

  • $25.95

The UltraBlue® Pro Kit is the perfect combination for firearm maintenance. The
kit contains (1) 3cc syringe of UltraBlue® Penetrating Gun Lube and (1) 1 oz bottle
of Microlon Gun Juice. Improve performance, smoother operation, and protect your
firearms. Everything you need all in one kit.

The UltraBlue® Penetrating Gun Lube custom blended by Microlon Products to have
a lighter viscosity. It will help control corrosion and reduce friction. Use
after each cleaning. Greatly improves performance, firearms will operate smoother
and makes cleaning easier and stores well. Apply to all metal-to-metal surfaces.
The 3cc syringe is refillable and a brown fill tip is included with purchase.
The 1 oz jar of UltraBlue® Penetrating Gun Lube is available for refilling the

Microlon Gun Juice can be used on all firearms in place of normal gun oil.
Gun Juice is far superior to oils in that it provides excellent lubrication
and is a “Dry Film” lubricant that will not attract dirt, dust or
grit, which can permanently damage a firearm. Gun Juice works great on barrels
and improves trigger performance.

Both the Gun juice and UltraBlue® penetrating gun lube have an operating range
of -100° to +725°.